Welcome to fut’s documentation!

Release v0.4.2. (Installation)

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fut is a simple Python library for managing Fifa Ultimate Team. The library enables programmatic access to the official FUT Web App and FIFA Companion App. If you prefer php language, there is ported version made by InkedCurtis available here: https://github.com/InkedCurtis/FUT-API.

The fut library can perform 28 basic REST functions on your Fifa Ultimate Team. It also includes 6 properties that provide access to various FUT databases (nations, leagues, teams, stadiums, balls, players, playStyles).

Feature Support

  • Multi platform (pc, ps3, xbox, ios, android)
  • Searching auctions with filters
  • Biding
  • Selling
  • Quick selling
  • Full control of watchlist, tradepile and unassigned cards
  • Buying and opening packs
  • Filling & submiting Squad Battle Chalenges (not tested yet)
  • Updating credits variable on every request
  • Simple keepalive function just to extend session life
  • Requesting any card info without login
  • Calculating baseID
  • Python 2.6-3.6, PyPy

Contributor Guide

If you want to contribute to the project, this part of the documentation is for you.